About Us

Loyal Loot was formed with a desire to create objects of integrity and timeless beauty.

Partners Doha Lindskoog and Anna Thomas, design, produce and handle all operations from their studios in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada.

Loyal Loot’s aesthetic embodies an inherent timelessness, with emphasis on simple forms and an element of storytelling.

Loyal Loot’s work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Stockholm, New York and Toronto and is represented by retailers and publications internationally.

Our Process

It’s our goal to create pieces that endure.

Crafted with integrity and beauty, we make most of our products in-house, by hand.

Over the years, we’ve grown, and so have our orders. To fulfill our orders without compromising quality, we’ve enlisted trusted local woodworkers to ensure our standards are being met.



Formed in 2004, Loyal Loot was founded by Carmen Douville, Dara Humniski, Doha Lindskoog, and Anna Thomas.  

All four founding partners met at and graduated from, the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design degree in Industrial Design.