Q: When will I receive my order?

A: READYMADE items like individual Log Bowls where the size and colour are already specified in our shop are ready to ship from our studio. Please note the shipping time at checkout.

Custom items are made to order and require anywhere from 4-12 weeks for completion and delivery time. Larger furniture items may take longer. Please note the lead times within the description of each item in our shop.


Log Bowls:

Q: How do I order readymade vs custom items? 

A: For customers, if you would like an item as soon as possible, order from our readymade or gift shop.  These items are ready to ship to you and the size and colour are pre-made.

If you desire a specific colour, size or quantity that you can't find in the Readymade or Gift Shop, you can order from our Custom Shop.  Here you can choose quantities, sizes and colours to suit your specifications.  Orders from the Custom Shop take time to make, please refer to the lead times on each product page.

 If you’d like custom colours selected for you or your shop, get in touch at orders@loyalloot.com and we will be happy to make arrangements or assist with coming up with a grouping that looks great together.

Q: Why do the Log Bowls differ slightly in size and appearance?

A: Nature is varied and beautiful, and the shape of each bowl, as well as the bark will always be unique – no two branches are alike. Log Bowl sizes are determined by diameter – please refer to the the size range listed with each item, or when selecting a size from our Custom Shop.

Q: Can I order custom colours that are not already in your catalogue?

A: Yes, for an additional charge of $15 per colour for colour matching.

Q: Can I choose the type of wood I’d like my Log Bowl to be?

A: Our wood is reclaimed from different sources around the province of Alberta, and once cut is stored between six months to two years to ensure they dry properly before being turned. Your order is made with what’s on hand and what is dry. If you order more than one bowl, we will do our best to include variations in the bark. Log Bowls bowls are mostly made of willow, poplar and birch.

If you have a specific bark in mind for your Log Bowl, please get in touch or add a note in your order. If we are unable to accommodate your specifications, we will let you know before starting on your order.

Q: Are Log Bowls food safe?

A: Although the interior of the bowl is non-toxic in its cured state, we do not recommend use with wet or moist foods/objects or as a bowl for pets to drink water or eat out of. Log Bowls cannot be cleaned like a conventional food dish, as the outside is unfinished wood and can be damaged with water/oil contact. Recommended uses include: jewelry, nuts in shell, wrapped candies, coins, knick knacks etc. Do not use as a candle holder or ashtray under any circumstances.

Q: What is the best way to care for my Log Bowl?

A: To clean your bowl, wipe out the interior surface with a dry or slightly moist cloth.



Q: How do they work?

A: Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. You can gift your gift card by forwarding your gift card to anyone you wish. 


Q: Do they expire?

A: Never


Q: Can I set a custom amount for a card?

A: If you would like to choose custom amount for a gift card rather than a pre determined amount, please get in touch with us via email. Please allow 24- 48 hours for us to facilitate a custom amount. 


Monsieur DressUp:

Q: How do you install them? Is hardware provided?

The pieces come with brass screws that can be used with or without anchors to attach to any wall or surface. The back of the wall hooks have a brass key hole shaped cut out that attaches to the screw anchored to the wall.


Q: Can we use them for hats?

Yes, the Collar and Cuff hooks can be used to hang hats.

Q: Do you have different woods?  And colours? 

The pieces are made from maple wood veneers which are then laminated and bent by hand around customs moulds. We apply a natural clear hand rubbed water based lacquer. If you are interested in other types of wood veneer please let us know the wood species you are interested in, for example oak, walnut ect.

The pieces can be coloured with a pigmented stain prior to applying the clear coat finish. Whether in wood tones or bright hues, these transparent dyes impart rich colour without obscuring the grain. The maple wood we use is FSC certified and is hand selected. Maple is light coloured and has a straight grain to it, as represented in the photos.


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