• Monsieur DressUp Collar
  • Monsieur DressUp Collar

Monsieur DressUp Collar

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This tailored maple collar gives any room a sense of style. Perfect at the door, by your bed or in the change room, you can adorn the Monsieur DressUp Collar Hook with your favourite shirt, sweater, scarf or necklace. Monsieur DressUp dutifully maintains the delicacy and shape of your favourite garments. He's good like that.

Use the hooks individually or arrange them into rows or clusters to create your own unique look. Other pieces in the Mannequin Series include a Cuff and Pocket.

Lead time: 3-5 weeks. Made to order
Crafted by hand with traditional wood lamination and moulding techniques. The Collar design limits waste, offcuts are repurposed to create a composite for the back.

FSC certified Canadian Maple, Clear non-toxic hand rubbed lacquer. Contact us for custom wood or colour options. Wall mount with brass key hole insert at back. Hardware provided.

W 4.7" H 7.5" D 1.75" / W 120mm H 190 mm D 45 mm

Designed by
Anna Thomas