• Monsieur DressUp Mannequin Set l Leather

Monsieur DressUp Mannequin Set l Leather

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Used individually or all at once, Monsieur DressUp Mannequin Set – Collar, Cuff and Pocket can wear your jacket, scarf and accessories with style, adding personality to any space. Undress and redress the set by the door, bedside, or in a change room. The gentle curve of each piece highlights and maintains the delicate form of your favourite garments, handbags and accessories. Each hook is handmade by loyal loot and utilizes bent plywood lamination and leather moulding techniques.

Lead time: 3-5 weeks. Made to order


Vegetable tanned french leather, metal insert for added strength. Contact us for custom wood or colour options. Wall mount with brass key hole insert at back. Hardware provided.

Designed by Anna Thomas